•Mindfulness helps us restore balance to our body, breath, and mind•

About Us

Margaret Blanc, M.A., LMFT is a licensed Psychotherapist in private practice in Bakersfield and the surrounding area and a Certified Holistic Health educator and a Solution Oriented Hypnotherapist. She has been teaching and studying Eastern practices and traditions for over 25 years and has been teaching in Bakersfield for the last 20 years. Margaret was born and raised in New York City where her interest in Eastern studies began in graduate school at Richmond College while studying Community Psychology. She has studied with a variety of teachers including Oscar Ichazo, founder of the Arica Institute, Joseph LePage, founder of Integrative Yoga Therapy, Ganga and Tracy White of the White Lotus Foundation and with Yogi Amrit Desai founder of the Kripalu Center for Health in Massachusetts.

Her background in psychology and her years of training inform her teaching with a unique blend of Eastern philosophy and Western thought. Margaret specializes in Stress Management, Mindfulness Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Anxiety Disorders. Margaret has lived in Bakersfield for the last 20 years.





Our areas of expertise include:

  • Mindfulness for Health
  • mindfulness for Stress Management
  • Relaxation/Breath Workshop
  • Private sessions

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