•Mindfulness helps us restore balance to our body, breath and mind•

"More than 50 million people in the United States have been diagnosed with some form of mental disorder.." National Institute of Mental Health

Mindfulness incorporates, deep breathing, meditation, guided imagery, visualization and relaxation techniques to create health in the body, balance in the mind and emotions and to create a deep sense of well being.



Improves concentration
Moving mindfully throughout your day develops focus, attention and builds concentration.

Improves respiration
Deep breathing during a mindfulness session opens and strengthens the diaphram and increases lung capacity...helpful for those with anxiety, breathing disorders, asthma or for athletes who compete.

Promotes relaxation
All sessions utilize full body relaxation allowing time to release any remaining stress or tension and time to heal and renew.


Let us work together to design a session especially for you that will fit into your lifestyle, whether you are a homemaker, student , employee, business owner, retiree, challenged by illness or relationships or just plain seeker.



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